Actions and words have its conequences!!!!!

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     How are you all doing today?
 It's Palm Sunday today, Sunday before Jesus's crucifixion, and Holy Week begins from today. I started a new post on Palm Sunday but decided to write this after a conversation I had with my father.

potato rice with deviled chicken
 I'll tell you a little background story before I get into the fact I wanna talk about today. I'm coming from an Asian country,(will do a descriptive post about myself in the future) where girls don't have much of a saying in things. Growing up this was never a problem for me. I thought and was taught that its the way things are done, but as I grew older I knew that it isn't how things are done. I learnt that every person has a right to speak and speak for themselves.
    As I recall, my father used to complain about my mother's food all the time. No matter what my mother made, he always had something to say about it. I found this very disturbing, but couldn't say anything about it.
My dog devouring a tub of curd
    My mother passed away almost 3 years ago(will talk about in another post in the future too😁). My father didn't know how to cook and never had any interest in learning that either. But because I'm living in a foreign country most part of the year and only boys are at home(not boys actually, more like men but I like to call them boys;my father,younger brother and my dog) they ate from out, most of the time. But, to my surprise, my father wanted to learn to cook this time,(I came home for my winter vacation way before this pandemic started) so I taught him what I knew. After doing it for about almost 3-4 weeks now, I can say that he's doing a pretty decent job.

         Coming back to the present and the main point I wanna talk about today, as I was helping him with cooking, I told him that it would be better if he added a bit more chili powder to the chicken curry because it looked very white and bland.I think the way I said was also not very polite and nice, he got offended by it. He is a very sensitive man, so he started crying saying that he's trying his best to cook for us and feed us. I didn't mean to hurt him at all. That wasn't my intention at all, but somehow that happened. It took me back to those years, growing up, when he used to complain about every single thing my mother made. She must have got hurt over and over again, but never did she say a word about it.
  After apologizing to him and explaining to him what I actually wanted to say, it got me into thinking what words can actually do. As a christian I was taught and I've come to realization that words have power. At the very beginning God created this world using words. And in the bible time to time it says that we get delivered what we actually say. If a person is grumbling, complaining and victimizing himself over and over again, that's what that person is left with.
   Summarizing and concluding what i wanted to say, be kind with words and actions because they have consequences. This is a reminder for me as well.

egg stir-fry and rice with cucumber and grape juice

Sorry for this long post.
If you came this far, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!💖 

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  1. Okay I'm gonna say what I felt in order...
    First I screamed ' OMG potato rice!' ;)
    And then I realised that you're a very good story's all in a nice flow and tbh the story brought tears to my eyes...
    Besides,the message is very powerful and something many people (including us) have to keep in mind often and reminders are extremely appreciated ♡
    And lastly, never apologize for a long post. Long posts are always amazing!
    Love you!
    P.s. your food looks amazing!!!!

  2. Felt this.. ❤💛💙

    (P.S. U know I'm gonna comment on all😂)


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