Unspoken Words!!

Hello amazing human beings out there!!!

How are you all doing? How is everything going on with adjusting to this new normal we're all in? I want to be real with you all. Some days are HARD, I mean HARDER than other days. But on a positive note, we're all in this together and we'll get through this with the grace of the Almighty!

What I want to talk about today is "THE IMPORTANCE OF COMMUNICATION IN A RELATIONSHIP." Some incidents that took place in my life in the recent past has gotten me in to thinking what role does communication plays in our lives. For some, it might not make any sense, but more I think about it more I understand is that almost all of our relationships depend on that. I'm not saying that it isn't the only fact that relationships depend on, but it is very important.

Have you ever been on a situation where you got irritated with someone, for no particular reason? If so have you taken some time to think what the reason could be for that? Or have you ever had a "silent fight?", I mean a situation where both of you are mad at each other and none is willing to let it out, but continues to irritate and ignore each other by actions and behaviours? Unspoken words speak louder than the spoken. If you ask me, I could give you plenty of examples from my life. In my understanding, the main reason for these situations are lack of communication. May be its only 1 party or may be both.

I agree that sometimes it is easy not to talk or communicate with one another when angry, sad or going through something, but that is not an excuse not to communicate with others and making it harder on others as well.I accept that it is easier for some people than others, but it is important to communicate with each other. There are somethings that needs to be communicated then and there by involved parties than postponing it.For an example, if you're married and you get upset with your spouse for something, but without communicating with each other and dealing with it, if you choose to keep it to yourself what would be the result? If you dealt with it while you’re at it, you'll be hurt for a while and after some time you'll be able to start fresh, but instead if you decide to keep it to yourself, you'll over think about that and will start hating the other one and do some things that you'll regret later.

With all this, what I wanted to tell you including myself is, that communication is very important in every relationship. In every relationship you need love,respect, trust and mutual understanding. For all of these the most important is communication.

I know that these days most of you are in lock down or in quarantine due to the pandemic. Even if you are with your loved ones, sometimes things might get hard. If you happened to have such a situation please remember to communicate with each other, and while doing that remember to always listen to what other person has to say too. Respect each other. Practicing this will be hard in the beginning if you're new to this, but it will get better and it will make your relationships stronger.






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