Let's Talk Sports!!

Hello amazing human beings out there!!!

How are you all doing? What are you all doing to stay positive during this hard time?

Before anything else I just want to clarify one thing. I'm no sporty person at all, but love sports.

So I'm gonna take you all on a small ride through "Sports Life" of mine.

 Earliest memory I have of me playing a sport is when I was about 5-6years old. I loved playing cricket with my brother who was 4-5years old at that time. Even at a very young age, he was very good at it.

Then about 2 years later, when I was 8 years or so, we were asked to join a sport in school. Considering my weight and health, my parents decided it's better if I joined badminton. So after 2 or 3 practice sessions, one day our coach was teaching us how to master the grip. Me being my very "non-sporty self," I couldn't get hold of anything he taught that day. My coach got very cross with me and bent my forefinger in the opposite direction. Holy Moly! That's one of the most painful experiences I've ever had in my life. That was the end of my badminton journey.

Down the road I've tried many other sports as well. I've tried Table tennis(a.k.a ping-pong ball) , swimming and chess if I may list some. But didn't continue any, for more than couple of years.

           Then college happened to me. I moved to a foreign university, which I never ever thought I'll do in my life, but here I am in my 4th year into my medical degree. This specific college which I attend, has a Sports meet held every year. For this we have football a.k.a soccer, volleyball, basketball,badminton, table tennis and cricket. Like always, I wanted to try for a sport, even though deep down I knew I'm not good at it. Luckily one of my very good friends in college was a basketball player, and she wanted to make a team and participate for our so called "sports meet".
           Just like that, in my first year of college, with help from few other friends we made a basketball team. At first I found it very challenging physically and emotionally. As expected most of the girls in our team had played some kind of a sport in their lives. Even though they found it challenging they somehow got through that. Me with my non-sporty self still wanted to give this a shot. With lots of mental breakdowns and continuous support from my captain and team mates, I'm proud to say I'm still in that team and a very active player too. By any means I'm not saying that I'm perfect at it, but with every year passing by I'm trying my best to be better at it.
          I couldn't have done any of that without my Heavenly Father by my side who is continuously giving me opportunities in my life teaching me that he will never give up on me and will always bring new opportunities to make me believe in myself just like he believes in me.
       And of course my captain, who also happens to be one of my best buddies in college, is such a blessing. She never fails to tell me that I can do it, even when she knows that I can't. She encourages me to push my boundaries. The support I get from my other teammates is also incredible. With all of these amazing people, now I'm in a better place of self understanding and self satisfaction.
       I am still me, still that old non-sporty self, but today I'm willing to try my best to be better than I was yesterday. With every year passing by I'm trying to push my self harder and make my self better at what I'm doing.

       I wanna close this little ride of my "sports life" with a cool story that happened this winter break. I came home in January and I had this crazy idea to play basketball with  my cousins. I talked to one of my cousins who had played basketball before and he was interested in it. But to my surprise the one who got really excited about this was my other cousin who happened to be his brother who had played basketball. After a small conversation we had, we decided to work on this crazy idea. We bought a ball, found a place, and talked to other cousins asking whether they would like to join. 1 week after our conversation, we were ready to go conquer are dream of having our own basketball team. we started practicing 3 times a week. At first we all sucked at it. None of us played the way it supposed to be played.Even though I knew the rules, and how to play it, I wasn't good enough to be able teach and help others. But none of us wanted to give up. We watched YouTube videos, educated ourselves and somehow was determined to make this dream come true.After 4 weeks of practice I would say we were in a great place. We weren't still perfect but we weren't bad either. Unfortunately we had to stop because of the pandemic but I'm so glad about what we've achieved.

   I don't know what I wanted to tell you with this. To be honest, I find this journey of my "sports life" very encouraging. From been a person who couldn't hold a badminton racket, to playing basketball for 4 years continuously is very impressive
      Even if you're not good at it don't give up on things you like. If you really like it, try your best to find the best possible way to make it happen, surround yourself with people who are going to encourage not discourage.


I hope you liked this journey of mine. It felt nice going down that memory lane, re-living those moments, even though some weren't really pleasant.

Have a blessed day!! 😍
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  1. To answer your question, I've started yoga. And I can say that I've become better at it than before too!
    And boy,that badminton coach! Real nerve he got.
    I also love the part you said about how you're trying your best to better than you were yesterday. And pushing yourself. I love them.
    And the basketball with cousins story is ADORABLE! Your cousins sound like a jolly good crowd! And if I may say, they sound amazing; )
    Love you so much!♡

    1. Thank you very much for stopping by. I'm glad that you've started yoga, and getting better at it.
      Yes, my cousins are amazing! I love them dearly.

  2. I'm so so happy to hear your stories this way! And because they bring out the raw emotions. Thank you!


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