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Why I chose a medical career?

Hello amazing human beings out there! How are you all doing? Its been quite sometime since I connected with you all. This is harder than I thought. At the beginning new ideas were flooding into my head, but oh boy, it's hard keep writing even though I love doing this. As one of our final assignments for this semester, one of our teachers asked us to write a report. One of the topics were "why choose a medical career?" As I was researching for that, I was stuck with the question "why I chose a medical career?" This is a question I often ask myself. In many South Asian countries, many parents wish their kid to be a doctor, an engineer or a lawyer. With that influence, I too wished to be a doctor when I was just a small kid. But growing up my dream job kept changing from time to time. I wanted to be an author, TV presenter, radio presenter, dancer, actress, astronaut, scientist, chemist, teacher and also a historian. I'm sure list is much longer but these are t