Why I chose a medical career?

Hello amazing human beings out there!

How are you all doing? Its been quite sometime since I connected with you all. This is harder than I thought. At the beginning new ideas were flooding into my head, but oh boy, it's hard keep writing even though I love doing this.

As one of our final assignments for this semester, one of our teachers asked us to write a report. One of the topics were "why choose a medical career?" As I was researching for that, I was stuck with the question "why I chose a medical career?" This is a question I often ask myself.

In many South Asian countries, many parents wish their kid to be a doctor, an engineer or a lawyer. With that influence, I too wished to be a doctor when I was just a small kid. But growing up my dream job kept changing from time to time. I wanted to be an author, TV presenter, radio presenter, dancer, actress, astronaut, scientist, chemist, teacher and also a historian. I'm sure list is much longer but these are the only ones I could recall of. But all these were in my heart I never said them aloud. Only thing I said aloud was that I wanted to be a doctor when I grow up, which my parents held tightly.

Things kept changing,but one thing that popped from time to time was me wanting to be a doctor or choosing a profession that went along with medicine.There were couple of reasons for that. My mother was sick all my life and she kept fighting like a warrior. Every year she got hospitalized due to various complications of Diabetes and had to spend days to weeks in and out from the hospital. That was very painful to watch as a kid. I always wished I could ease her pain or make her life a tad bit comfortable than what it was. Another major reason was my brother's health problems when he was still a baby.(He's in perfect health now with the grace of our Almighty!)
When I had to choose what I wanted to do for my Advanced Level,( which basically decides my future profession) I almost chose Mathematics. If you know me well enough, you would know how much I love math and numbers. I take a little pride in how good I am with numbers and all.( I am a natural­čśť)  As I mentioned before, because I shared my dream of becoming a doctor with my parents as a little kid, they persuaded me to choose Biology. To be honest there were times that I regretted choosing that over what I really loved, but thinking about that decision I made and everything that happened after that, I’m glad that I did it. And I thank my parents for making me do that. 

Now coming back to the topic I wanted to talk about today, other than the reasons I mentioned before, I think there are few other reasons why I chose this career. I personally think this career isn’t just a profession or a career but it has more to it. It is more like a lifestyle, or some may call it a “calling”, or a way of giving back to the community as an act of service. But it could be defined in many ways. There are various medical career opportunities to choose from. If one didn’t want to be just a doctor or a physician if you may call it, you could always choose to be a surgeon, conduct research on undiscovered diseases or find treatment for diseases or there are many other small career opportunities to choose from. 

With all this being said, one thing that  I want to emphasize on is, that I really think every profession is important in its own way. For a community to move forward or to grow, I think every small thing done by any kind of a professional is very very important. I think the time has come for us to change our attitudes and thoughts and start appreciate work done by any and every professional. 




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