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 Hello amazing human beings out there!!!!! How are you all doing? As all of you are slowly getting back to a new normal you found, I hope you are still finding enough time for yourselves. This is going to be a different post. This isn't something that I was going to write today but as I was preparing meals for my family, I felt so strong about this. I'm sure most of you, who are reading these posts of  mine don't know who I am or what I'm like. Don't worry I'm not gonna write a whole post about me or how I am now, but this will be about me.Do you get what I am saying? I hope I'm not confusing you already. Okay let's cut the chase and get back to what I'm gonna talk about today. Almost all my life, I have been telling my self so many things which aren't very positive or nice. I always put my self down and victimize my self. I often told my self that I'm not good enough , I'm not beautiful;I'm ugly , I'm not loved , I'