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 Hello amazing humans out there!! How are you all doing? I've been struggling a bit lately until I heard this Arab proverb. If you wanna know about it, then keep reading!😉 I was watching a movie the other day and I came across this proverb. It didn't mean much at the time but after a conversation I had today, it meant something. It was like a new hope to me. Its like a new direction for me to look into. As some of you may know, I'm a medical student. More like an intern now. I know. I'm surprised too! What you might not know is, I've been doing my medical degree online since the outbreak of the pandemic. Which means, my medical internship is done online too. The country I was doing my degree in, didn't allow their international students back to their country to resume their degrees, thus we are stuck in our own countries trying to figure out how to finish these degrees and find jobs afterward. This whole situation lead me into a darker place, mentally. Every pa


 Hello amazing humans out there!! How are you all doing? Yes! you read it correct. This last week I had the biggest surprise in my life. Can you guess who it is from? If you guessed 'Mom" then you're absolutely correct. This might sound a little strange if you've been following me on for quite awhile, because you all know that my mom joined the cool kids club and now residing on the other side of the Heaven. Okay, where should I start??  I hate when I'm in a situation like this, where I wanna share a cool story with you all and I don't know how to brief it out and not get too emotional and intimate. Anyhow let's give it a go and see. Just gonna let my mind go with the flow and my words speak. Okay okay I know you wanna know about it so I'll stop this nonsense already and will share that special special surprise I GOT.😉 Where I'm from, people believe that having a good collection of gold jewellery is an investment, so Mamma's start collecting je


 Hello amazing humans out there! Today it's not gonna be a regular post. I'm posting something like this for the very first time.            They say, blood is thicker than water, Maybe that’s why it hurts more, When you’re hurt by your own blood.   When strangers are more like your family, And your own blood treat you like a stranger, You break into thousands of pieces, That you no longer know how to put back together.   They say with time it gets better, But does it really matter? Because I’m already broken into pieces, And ill never get to be that person.   When everything gets darker, That’s when it hits harder, Lord, please take this and make me stronger! As I don’t wanna be in this place any longer.   I know you have great plans for my future, Please tell me that it won’t be any harder! Because I’m too tired to go on like this any further, I just wanna be happy and merrier!   Hope you all will enjoy this!   BE KIND! BE HAPPY


 Hello there amazing humans out there! How are you all doing? Guess what? I'm almost done with my med school. In about a year, I'll graduate as a doctor.😁 The other day, I was having a conversation with my friend and we ended up talking about our future! As usual, we talked about finding "perfect partners," weddings, and of course kids. I know these kind of conversations could go either way. They could end up happily or sometimes could make you feel frustrated and depressed afterwards. Luckily this day it went on pretty good. One thing we talked about is, how we wanna raise our kids;values we wanna teach them as they grow up. That's what I'm gonna talk about today. Growing up, I vowed myself that one thing I wanna do with my kids is to love them until they say no more. I want to hug, cuddle, snuggle and smother them with kisses all day, everyday. Don't get me wrong, I still wanna do it all. But somethings have added to that. Apart from loving them and tea


 Hello amazing humans out there! Its been far too long since I've done this. Not sure I've still got this, but I'm gonna give it a go! Why not eh?😉 It has been 18 months since I've come home for my winter vacation. I know, I know you must be wondering what I'm talking about. Okay, last year in January I came home for my winter vacation and since then I've been stuck back at my home country. Some might think that its a great thing that I actually get to spend time with my family and friends back home. Of course I do too, but as a medical student it is very hard. Country where I used to study at, is not issuing student visas for international student at the moment. We are not given a certain time period or any kind of an information regarding when we could return back there to finish our degrees. This isn't something I  as an individual have to go through but students from all around the world, who were a student back in that country is facing this.  With the


 Hello amazing humans out there!!! Happy 2021 to you all!!!  Isn't it just amazing how GOD make things work in your life? When you're struggling, you don't see any light and you feel that you're constantly kept in the dark. Looking back at last 5 years of my life, I often felt like I've been through so much, that I'm actually done for quite some time. As much as those seem like a lot at times, I'm grateful for each and every little incident that happened; which shaped me into who I am today. I strongly believe,my Heavenly Father carried me through mountain high and valley low. When everything around me was falling apart, he held me high and tight, closer to his heart. My point of view has changed in countless ways,in ways I didn't even knew that could be changed. Through initial years of my uni life, I was sure and was swearing by every mean that going abroad and going to that specific place was one of the biggest mistakes I did with my life. I had the p