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 Hello amazing humans out there!!! Happy 2021 to you all!!!  Isn't it just amazing how GOD make things work in your life? When you're struggling, you don't see any light and you feel that you're constantly kept in the dark. Looking back at last 5 years of my life, I often felt like I've been through so much, that I'm actually done for quite some time. As much as those seem like a lot at times, I'm grateful for each and every little incident that happened; which shaped me into who I am today. I strongly believe,my Heavenly Father carried me through mountain high and valley low. When everything around me was falling apart, he held me high and tight, closer to his heart. My point of view has changed in countless ways,in ways I didn't even knew that could be changed. Through initial years of my uni life, I was sure and was swearing by every mean that going abroad and going to that specific place was one of the biggest mistakes I did with my life. I had the p