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 Hello amazing humans out there! Its been far too long since I've done this. Not sure I've still got this, but I'm gonna give it a go! Why not eh?😉 It has been 18 months since I've come home for my winter vacation. I know, I know you must be wondering what I'm talking about. Okay, last year in January I came home for my winter vacation and since then I've been stuck back at my home country. Some might think that its a great thing that I actually get to spend time with my family and friends back home. Of course I do too, but as a medical student it is very hard. Country where I used to study at, is not issuing student visas for international student at the moment. We are not given a certain time period or any kind of an information regarding when we could return back there to finish our degrees. This isn't something I  as an individual have to go through but students from all around the world, who were a student back in that country is facing this.  With the