Hello amazing humans out there!

Its been far too long since I've done this. Not sure I've still got this, but I'm gonna give it a go! Why not eh?😉

It has been 18 months since I've come home for my winter vacation. I know, I know you must be wondering what I'm talking about. Okay, last year in January I came home for my winter vacation and since then I've been stuck back at my home country. Some might think that its a great thing that I actually get to spend time with my family and friends back home. Of course I do too, but as a medical student it is very hard. Country where I used to study at, is not issuing student visas for international student at the moment. We are not given a certain time period or any kind of an information regarding when we could return back there to finish our degrees. This isn't something I  as an individual have to go through but students from all around the world, who were a student back in that country is facing this. 

With the pandemic getting worse each passing second, people suffering from not only the pandemic but also with other problems such as poverty,hunger and other chronic illnesses and all, one might think that this isn't something to cry about but I must say as a medical student who haven't stepped in to a hospital in over a year and haven't had a exposure to a patient in real life, I honestly feel scared for the patients I am to treat in the future. Last few years of a medical student is spent in a hospital doing clinical rounds and diagnosing real patients. Unfortunately me and my fellow students and fiends have had to learn via a computer screen and some virtual patients. I'm constantly floating in a pool filled with emotions such as frustration, annoyance, rage and often feel like a failure. 

If you stayed with me until this far, you might be wondering what I'm talking about. My topic was how to be positive through uncertainty and here I am raging about how frustrated I am with this whole situation. I have to apologize for that. I didn't know how to get to my point without letting out all of the above. If you wanna read more about how all this could be affecting your mental health and seeking help with that, you guys can read my post about that.

Now lets go to the fun part, to see what I meant by the topic. I stated all of the above things just to let you all know even though I stay positive about the current situation for the most part, I do feel all those negativity too. I do go through all of that as well. One thing lot of my friends mention is how I look at the positive side of situations. This isn't something that came to me naturally. If you've known me for quite sometime, you would know how I always wrapped my self with negativity. Growing up I often said things like "I can't, I won't, Why always me?" and things like that, which made a huge impact on the outcome. 

"Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength." -Corrie Ten Boom-


How true is this? We worry so much about things that we have no control of. What tomorrow brings is something that we have no control of. Each day brings its own challenges. This pandemic is a great example of the uncertainty of tomorrow. One day we were all going on with our lives, next day everything was paused.That's how it is for most of us.But when you have a positive attitude towards any challenge you face, the outcome will most certainly be positive too. Our minds are awesome! Our minds can do greater things! When you have a positive attitude and a mindset, you start gravitating towards positive things too. Its just an act of law of attraction. In the recent past many psychologists and researchers have been trying to take it out to the world. Can I tell you all a little secret? Do you know that people love people with positive attitudes,which means they gravitate towards positive people. A little bit of positivity could go a long way. 

I'll tell you all a little story now. By now you all might know how much I love telling stories.Oops! okay here I go. When the pandemic first broke out and my university asked us not to come back for the next semester, my heart broke into pieces. Whenever someone brought up that topic, it was like putting salt into a wound.But I kept on telling my self that this is going to be fine and I will go back in no time. Things might not have ended up the way I hoped but here I am still waiting for that day! That little hope and the positive thoughts I'm trying to keep up with have helped me in massive ways. I'm always trying for opportunities to help keep my positivity going. I love talking with people who are putting an effort to see the goodness in everything. 

Today I received the news that the country I'm studying in won't open its borders for students for at least another year. As you all can imagine, it was very heartbreaking. But will I let that bring down my hope of returning back. Of course not! I still continue to be positive about it. I will do whatever I can do to know more about it and I will continue to go on. As I have no control on it, there's no point of me nagging and going on about how it is destroying our future. I'm going to save all of that money I would have spent on shopping and eating out if I were back, for my future. I'm going to spend those extra time I am given to prepare for my upcoming license exam. I'm going to cuddle my dogs extra hard and make new memories with them until I get to go back and will have to spend time apart from them.trying my best to spend extra time with my aging father baking, talking and eating and doing everything we can do together until I move unto the next season where I won't have to do so. Even when things don't go according to how we plan or imagine, there are always things that we can be happy about and cheer us up.

Let us Be Positive Even Through Uncertainty! 

I hope I made some sense here without just blabbering.

Love you all!

Stay Positive!!

Love Others!!

Always Smile!!

Be You because You Are Awesome!!



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