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 Hello amazing humans out there! Today it's not gonna be a regular post. I'm posting something like this for the very first time.            They say, blood is thicker than water, Maybe that’s why it hurts more, When you’re hurt by your own blood.   When strangers are more like your family, And your own blood treat you like a stranger, You break into thousands of pieces, That you no longer know how to put back together.   They say with time it gets better, But does it really matter? Because I’m already broken into pieces, And ill never get to be that person.   When everything gets darker, That’s when it hits harder, Lord, please take this and make me stronger! As I don’t wanna be in this place any longer.   I know you have great plans for my future, Please tell me that it won’t be any harder! Because I’m too tired to go on like this any further, I just wanna be happy and merrier!   Hope you all will enjoy this!   BE KIND! BE HAPPY


 Hello there amazing humans out there! How are you all doing? Guess what? I'm almost done with my med school. In about a year, I'll graduate as a doctor.😁 The other day, I was having a conversation with my friend and we ended up talking about our future! As usual, we talked about finding "perfect partners," weddings, and of course kids. I know these kind of conversations could go either way. They could end up happily or sometimes could make you feel frustrated and depressed afterwards. Luckily this day it went on pretty good. One thing we talked about is, how we wanna raise our kids;values we wanna teach them as they grow up. That's what I'm gonna talk about today. Growing up, I vowed myself that one thing I wanna do with my kids is to love them until they say no more. I want to hug, cuddle, snuggle and smother them with kisses all day, everyday. Don't get me wrong, I still wanna do it all. But somethings have added to that. Apart from loving them and tea