Hello amazing humans out there!!

How are you all doing?

Yes! you read it correct. This last week I had the biggest surprise in my life. Can you guess who it is from?

If you guessed 'Mom" then you're absolutely correct. This might sound a little strange if you've been following me on for quite awhile, because you all know that my mom joined the cool kids club and now residing on the other side of the Heaven.

Okay, where should I start??  I hate when I'm in a situation like this, where I wanna share a cool story with you all and I don't know how to brief it out and not get too emotional and intimate. Anyhow let's give it a go and see. Just gonna let my mind go with the flow and my words speak. Okay okay I know you wanna know about it so I'll stop this nonsense already and will share that special special surprise I GOT.😉

Where I'm from, people believe that having a good collection of gold jewellery is an investment, so Mamma's start collecting jewellery for themselves and for their kids as soon as they can get a hold of it. Likewise, my mom thought that's going to be an investment too. Hence she collected few pieces of gold jewellery in her short life she lived. It might not be a lot compared to most but its something, if you know what I mean.

Whether its a lot or not, we like to keep our jewellery in a safe in the bank instead at home. For some reason we think its the safest thing to do. Yet again, going with he flow my mamma did the same. If you ever had a loved one passing this world you'll know that after they're gone and if that person didn't leave a last-will then its gonna be a long procedure to sort out their belongings. Long story short, we were able to sort it all out except for this "safe" in the bank. We came to an agreement that we will transfer this so called "safe" to me as I'm the daughter of the family. Some people might find this awkward or wrong but that's what we decided as a family. 

Okay getting back to the story, what was I telling?🤔 Got it. So the transfer. Its gonna be 4 years soon since she's gone and we were finally be able to get it transferred this past week. Keep in mind that we haven't gone to this safe in 4 years and my mom was the last to go and she last went to this place just few days before she went HOME. As we finalized the transfer me and my dad decided to go see this "safe" and see what's in there. On a side note; Ive always accompanied my mom to the "safe" as she thought its necessary for me to learn all of those procedures even if I had no interest in having those jewellery or anything to do with those.

Okay for the 1000th time, back to the story..... BTW this kind of behaviour always make me doubt whether I have an undiagnosed ADHD. Oops! I did it again. Ha! 

This time for real.. So we went to the locker. And you all won't believe what we found there. We found 2 letters written by my beloved mamma for me and my brother just few days before she went HOME. As you all can imagine, I couldn't see/do anything after I saw those. At the 1st glance, before we opened those I thought that was a list of things that could be found there, as my mom loved making lists. But I was wrong. As I’m typing this, tears are rolling down my cheeks, but that ain't gonna stop me from sharing this beautiful, emotional surprise that I got. I love that she still surprises me with her unconditional love and thoughtfulness even after almost 4 years since she's gone. I LOVE YOU MOM! I know you won't see this but I know for sure that you're with me through this all. Before finding that letter I was having very hard few weeks. I was fighting with my emotions and thoughts. This letter brought so much of joy and was reminded what an amazing mother I had. 

I almost forgot the most important part. Why do I always get carried away with  my emotions? ARGH! Get yourself together!(thoughts to myself👽) So the content.. Don't worry I won't share it all as its for myself.(oops sorry!) But one thing I'll share. She has written how her jewellery should be divided amongst her 2 kids and at the bottom of it she has written to ask these from our Dad after she's gone. JAW DROPPED! WHHHAAAATTT!!🤯 Its like she knew that she'll be gone soon!! My Heart!! 💔Just keep in mind she has written this just days before she was gone because that's when she went there. And she knew we'll find it later on. MY mind is still blown!!

My apologies if I'm too dramatic. But I guess I'm allowed to be. This was a HUGE thing for me. 

I know this isn't that interesting to you all as it is to me, but I wanted to write it down so I could come back and read this all in few years. There's nothing for you all to take from this but I thought sharing it anyways. 

Thank You if you read this so far! Thank you for being a part of my life!!

I'm grateful for you all who take time to read these posts of mine. 






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