Hello there amazing humans out there!

How have you all been?

By the title, you guys might've assumed that I'm hurt. If you guessed that, then you're right. I'm hurt! 

On Saturday, I was notified by my university that I'm eligible for a scholarship. I knew, been eligible doesn't mean that I will end up getting the scholarship as there were others who were more qualified for it than I did. However, I ended up applying for it too. And just few minutes ago, I was told that I didn't get it. It hurts. Even though I knew I probably won't get it. 

I'm gonna share a little story with you all. Its actually not a little story, its basically my life story in brief, I guess.😁

Up until my high school, I was a damn good student. For the most part, I was in the top 5 of my class. Okay, I wanna add something else to this too. I know I said that I was a pretty good student, but I have a confession, to add to that. I was never a hardworking student. I pretended like I was hardworking but never was. Don't get me wrong. this isn't for me to brag about myself. All credits for all of those good grades belong to my Heavenly Father! I was gifted in that way. I learnt a lot by listening. If by any chance I was distracted in class for a chapter, then I was pretty doomed for it. Growing up, my brother was in trouble because of my good grades. I feel sorry for him now! 

Then I entered high school. Most importantly I got a phone for myself. Yes, I was one of those uncool people who never had a phone until I entered high school. I wish I never got a phone. Phone was and is my biggest distraction till date. Okay I can't fully blame the phone for it. I have 0 self control too. <Guilty> My grades went down hysterically. And I never recovered from that. The year I did my G.C.E A/Ls, I was distracted the most. I stayed up almost everyday watching football(soccer) matches. I was so invested in everything other than studies. I ended up getting a pretty decent result, which made me feel so guilty about it. My friends who put their hearts and souls into this exam, didn't get what they deserved. At least that's what I thought.

Then I went to med school. Things got rough there. At this point, I've never experienced failing an exam. But med school made that happen. When I failed an exam for the 1st time,I felt like I lost my whole world. I failed couple more times. After entering my clinical years, things got better. My grades started getting better. Yet again, it wasn't because I magically started working harder, it was because I learnt more through my practicals and my ability of grasping things during hospital rounds was better. I perform well, when it comes to practicals. Sitting in a classroom and studying from books is not my cup of tea.

Like all of my other posts, I'm not sure what I'm doing. I dunno where I went with all of this. However, what I wanted to share was, in this journey of life you might get hurt, but don't let that take over you. Get up right back up! Things won't go right always. You will make many mistakes and you will be heartbroken numerous times. Find something that will work for you! You got this! Be kind to yourself!

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