Hello amazing humans out there!!

How have you all been?If I'm been honest I have not been in my best shape mentally, but as I'm writing this, my heart is filled with so much of joy. A lifelong dream of mine got fulfilled this week.

Yes! You're right. I saw a baby been born for the very 1st time in my life. I don't know about others, but for me it was the most magical, purest, amazing thing in the world. Since I was very little I knew I wanted to be a mother. As I grew up, my obsession for babies grew along with me. If you asked me few years ago, which specialty I'd like to follow, I'd probably have told that I don't know. But that has never been my honest answer. I was obsessed with babies and I knew I wanted to do something related to paediatrics or Obstetrics. When I saw that baby been born and how that mother's face lit up and father's eyes beamed with pride,I knew that's what I want to do for the rest of my life.

I'm in my final year of my med school.For the past 2 years I had to learn those extremely important subjects online. I've finished almost all of my classes, but with "0" clinical exposure. Even if my heart wants to put the blame on the university and the country I studied in, I'm not going to go there now. I wanna spread positivity through my posts not negativity.

Okay, coming back to the story of me seeing a baby been born for the 1st time, getting there was not easy either. Me and 2 of my friends were doing an observership at a private hospital for the past couple of months. There, we're given the opportunity to choose the department we wanna observe at and we can go learn from the doctors. Despite it been a private hospital, I'd say we got some sort of an exposure to clinical cases even though we weren't fully satisfied. As we entered the department of Gynacaelogy and Obstetrics, we were trying our best to convince our supervisors to let us see a delivery. We came close few times but missed the chance at the last moment. Previous week was the last week for my friends,so we tried so hard for all of us to see a delivery of a baby but we couldn't. This week it was only me. I hate to talk to doctors and ask for opportunities or anything at all.( I know that shouldn't be the way and I'm not proud of that.) I'd rather be left alone observing them and learning on my own. Maybe its my stupidity, ego or I don't know what. 

Sorry, I slipped again! Continuing the story now, this week, as I mentioned before I was alone. I went spoke to my supervisor and asked what I should do that day. Like all the other days, she asked me to check with the doctor at the birthing center to see if there were any births to be happened that day. To my surprise, there was 1 expectant mother who has come in for her 4th baby's birth. I'm sorry if this is a  bit TMI, but more pregnancies you have its gonna take less time for the baby to come. Don't get me wrong, it's not always the case,there could be exceptions due to various reasons, but for this mother it took less time. After getting permission from the patient as well as the consultant in charge, I was informed that I could be there at the labor room when the birth is happening. I couldn't believe it was really gonna happen. I was overjoyed but at the same time I felt awful as my friends weren't there and they didn't get that opportunity. It would've been amazing if they were there too!

Then the waiting game started. Time went by fast, and the most awaited moment came. I was so excited and nervous tbh. The mom was screaming with pain and the doctor was comforting her. She was looking at her husband, while he gently stroked her head. She pushed once, the baby was crowning. With the second push, the babies whole head came. My eyes were busy looking at tired mother's face, nervous father's face, focused doctor's face and struggling babies head who's trying hard to come into this world. As I'm typing this I'm re-living that moment and having goosebumps all over. The curly haired, sweet little girl was gently guided out by that excellent doctor. The sweetest little cry of that beautiful little girl, made the biggest smile on the tired mother's face. The one who was tired of that long labor forgot all her pains as the cry of that baby got louder. The father was smiling from ear too ear and gave that sweet mama a kiss on the forehead. Am I wrong to say that it's the most magical, purest thing?  When the lifeless, pale, curly haired girl took her 1st breath along with that sweet little cry, and turn pink as the blood started rushing through her cute little veins and lungs getting filled with life filled oxygen, tears started rolling down my cheeks.Thanks to my mask, face shield and PPE, I'm relieved that no one else saw that! I was thanking my Heavenly Father for that opportunity and how amazingly he created us. Through it all, I missed my mama so much! I was thinking about her, the pain she went through birthing me. I can't thank her enough for going through all that pain to bring me into this world. I have this new found respect and love for all the moms and mom figure's in this world. Whether they go through labor or not they go through a lot to bring a child into this world and grow them into responsible, beautiful human beings. 

Gosh, how can I stop these tears now? Why do I always do this to myself? I start every post telling myself that I'm not gonna cry, but always end up crying. I'm sorry if this is too much of information or triggered you in anyway. That definitely wasn't my intention. I wanted to share this unforgettable experience of mine. I hope you all enjoyed reading this, as much as I enjoyed writing this!






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